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Social Media Made Conan Famous


Conan O’Brien, the host of an eponymous late-night show on TBS, attributes the success of his show to social media. After leaving NBC in 2010 after 16 years with the network, O’Brien signed on to host his own late-night program, but had no outlet. “We were off the air. Overnight the Twitter and Facebook following grew,” he added. “I didn’t know what Twitter was a few years ago. Now I have 8 million and something followers.” O’Brien said that social media has been fundamental to the Conan show. Along with Twitter, Facebook has had a significant impact on his show’s success, and O’Brien is now looking at ways to generate revenue from his Facebook presence. (PSFK)




link7Hostess with the Mostess

There’s no need to continue hoarding Twinkies; Hostess is making a comeback! Hostess Brands Inc., who filed for bankruptcy last year, is back and ready to begin stocking shelves with some of our favorite snack cakes, starting the week of July 15. The company said that all of the snack cakes will taste the same, but the boxes will now feature a new tagline: “The Sweetest Comeback In the History of Ever.” With many imposters on the market during its absence, Hostess is expecting a blockbuster return. (USA Today)


link7Bodyform Goes for Blood

Bodyform, a U.K. maxipad company, received negative yet amusing criticism on their Facebook wall from a man named Richard. He accused the brand of false advertising and said he used to feel jealous of all the women depicted in their commercials who were having “happy periods” and always bike riding, dancing and parachuting. He says he was lied to because his girlfriend turns into “the little girl from the exorcist with added venom and extra 360-degree head spin.” Bodyform responded with a hilarious video that contributed to the positive dialogue of this situation. (Ad Week)


link4Google’s Best Street View

Google has just taken their Street View to the top of the tallest manmade structure in the world. We’ll now be able to see from the top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, standing at 2,716 feet tall. Without having to travel to the United Arab Emirates, we can still enjoy the view from the skyscraper’s observation deck on the 124th floor and gaze out the window of the 163rd floor, the highest occupied floor in the world. (The Next Web)


link5Bing for Schools

Microsoft is developing a new version of Bing that will be available to any schools interested. The “Bing for Schools” will be geared specifically toward kindergarten through 12th grade. The new version will remove all ads from search results and filter out any adult content while enhancing privacy protection. It will also add learning features to promote digital literacy by offering students hot spots to help them explore new topics, and short lesson plans will be available to encourage them to use Bing to find answers to different questions. (CNET) 

Featured Blog Post: PR News
link15“Can’t Tell a Story in 6 Seconds? You’re Not Trying”

Video content is definitely becoming more and more essential to brands. MWW’s Vice President of Digital Strategy, Tim Baker discusses the various opportunities and challenges video content can offer. He explains that the content must be meaningful and relevant. The biggest challenge is creating content that is unique and engaging and will motivate your audience to share it. “Whether it’s a six-second Vine, 15-second Instagram or two-minute video on YouTube, find a way to convey a message or headline that you want people to take away from it.”

link6Poor Snuffy
The Discovery Channel released a new promo for their infamous Shark Week. In the promo, a fake newscaster sets up the scene on a dock, surrounded by fans of Snuffy the Seal. Snuffy is getting ready to be released back into the ocean, when things take a turn for the worse. It’s definitely a bad week to be a seal. Shark Week is set to air August 4th. (Mashable)

link9Red Bull Childhood Fantasies

Red Bull created a seven-minute video with Scottish cyclist Danny MacAskill for their “Imaginate” series. The video, which took more than two years to create, is a mixture of childhood fantasy with amazing bicycle stunts. The Red Bull helmet that MacAskill wears throughout the video is the only brand presence and “…the film scores as entertainment, and this pumps up its value as branded content.” (Redbull.com)