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This Week’s Content:
Coca-Cola on a Diet


With more and more health concerns today, Coca-Cola has decided to launch a slim line 250ml can for their Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero products in the UK. They have partnered up with Spotify and created their own Coke Placelists, “which encourage consumers to tag where they are listening to music while drinking their Coke beverage.” Coca-Cola launched their social music app with Spotify last month. Their Placelists will allow users to access to more than 20 million tracks with the option to link the songs to places or events and zoom in on different locations. They will also be able add tracks to existing Placelists and vote for songs. (Brand Channel)




link7Worth the Wait

Congratulations to Andy Murray, the Scotsman who won the male singles championship this past Sunday at Wimbledon, a prestigious London tennis tournament. The U.K. had been waiting for this moment for 77 years, which is how long its been since the last Wimbledon champion was a Brit! Luckily, BBH London, who created the infamous Wimbledon Robinsons drinks commercial in 2009, only had to wait four years for this moment to arrive. Their commercial now has an equally celebrated new ending, declaring that it was “Worth the wait, wasn’t it?” (Ad Week)


link7Bye Bye Baby?

The infamous E-Trade baby might be put to bed. Recently, E-Trade severed ties with their longtime agency Grey New York, who created the adorably entertaining baby campaign that went on to rank among the most recognizable ad campaigns in recent history. However, since its launch, E-Trade’s chief executive has changed multiple times, and now the company’s newest CMO, Liza Landsman, has implemented an agency review. “E-Trade is now looking to develop a brand message that speaks directly to investors rather than one targeting a mass market,” which might mean that the cherubic baby is out. (Ad Age)


link4Lone Ranger’s Social Media Controversy

Disney’s new movie, The Lone Ranger, starring Johnny Depp as Tonto to Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger, has created quite the buzz on social media. The controversy around the movie stems from Depp’s portrayal of a Native American, everything from his behavior to his costume, “which includes inaccuracies such as full-time war paint and a dead crow as headgear.” According to Fizziology, a social marketing firm, 55% of the social mentions analyzed were impartial and 10% were negative, showing that more than a third were criticisms of Depp’s portrayal of Tonto. (Social Times)


link5Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook’s newest addition has made it a little easier for users to stalk their friends and family. The “Graph Search” tool, implemented this past Monday, will allow easier and more efficient search options to find others’ past posts, recommendations and photos. The new feature is very dependent on users volunteering their likes and dislikes and may pose more privacy issues as the data becomes more readily available. “Graph Search” is still a work in progress, as it cannot find information in status updates or access other apps like Instagram yet, but Facebook believes it is now good enough for wide release. (NY Times) 

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link15Barnes & Noble CEO Resigns Amid Revenue Drops

Barnes & Noble’s CEO William Lynch submitted his resignation last week, with little to no surprise from business media. Lynch didn’t offer any explanation for his departure from the company, but Barnes & Noble has been struggling to keep their stores relevant since most of their revenue is from their E-reader, the Nook. “Barnes & Noble reported a $118.6 million loss in its last earnings report and revenue from e-book sales dropped 9 percent.” Only time will tell if they will be able to survive with the digital world booming forward.


link6Stylus Resuscitated
Adobe is bringing back the ol’ stylus! Since the improvement of touch-screen devices, the need for a stylus has dwindled, but Adobe thinks they are capable of making it a popular, must-have item again. They have developed the Project Mighty, a slick aluminum pen that is pressure sensitive and can be used to draw on the surface of touch-screen devices. There is no set release date for the product, which is geared toward artists, architects and designers. (CNN)
link9Netflix to the Rescue

Because Netflix has seen a tremendous amount of success throughout the years, some struggling TV shows have turned to them for help in staying alive. Various networks have become more accepting of serial dramas that wouldn’t have necessarily been safe before the rise of Netflix. With their “binge-watching” appeal, Netflix has become the home for new drama series, but has also revived some existing shows. (The Verge)