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Ping Helps Families Reconnect

On Saturday, September 21st, a massacre occured at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The mall was bombed and 68 lost their lives but most of the hostages were rescued later that afternoon. It is believed that the attack was caused by an Islamic terrorist group named al-Shabab who continued to siege the mall for four days. Families have obviously been worried about those who are still missing. Ushahidi, a nonprofit tech company, has created a check-in app called Ping that helps families find, or connect, with people who they haven’t heard from. Events like these are happening around the world so Ushahidi’s goal is to have this app available for global use. Ping sends out a message to the missing person three times every five minutes asking “Are you OK?” until the person answers. Let’s hope this app can reconnect seperated families. (Fast Co.Exist)




link7Celeb Selfies at the Emmys

Social media is being integrated into just about everything we do. Hashtags in particular have become a popular and funny way of joining the conversation within social channels. We enjoy #TBT, or #ThrowBackThursday, #FF, or #FollowFriday, and, some people’s personal favorite, #selfie. During this year’s Emmy Awards many celebs took to Instagram to post photos of themselves at the show, tagging the photos as #selfie. Check out the photos that were uploaded and try to spot your favorite celeb! (Pop Sugar)


link7Netflix Helps Viewers Avoid Breaking Bad Spoilers

After missing your favorite TV show, have you ever avoided social media because you didn’t want to read any spoilers? In light of the fact that the final episode of the extremely popular AMC series Breaking Bad is airing, Netflix has come up with a solution to spoilers that they’re calling “Spoiler Foiler.” Breaking Bad fans can log onto spolerfoiler.com through Twitter and then view their Twitter wall without any Breaking Bad-related comments. So far, Netflix has only implemented this function for AMC’s Emmy-winning drama, but we hope that it will become widely available in the future. (Variety)




link4Levi’s Modernizes Vintage

nullTo celebrate its 140th anniversary, Levi’s came up with the Station to Station campaign with the #MakeYourMark theme. Station to Station is a public art project that connects different people with interests in art, music, film, etc., in a series of events that occur while traveling by train across the country. The denim company transformed vintage creative tools into modern sharing tools. For example, a 1939 Graflex Speed Graphic Camera gives users the ability to snap a photo and then post it to Instagram. These vintage tools were recreated to link the past to the future. (PSFK)



link5Kevin Bacon Makes the Best Bacon Sandwich

Buffering is so annoying when you’re watching something interesting on a mobile device. EE, the largest mobile network company in the U.K., hired Kevin Bacon to explain how buffering can slow you down. This YouTube battle pits Kevin Bacon against Chef Jamie Oliver as they compete over who can make the best bacon sandwich. Just when it seems that Chef Jamie will take the gold, he suddenly starts to buffer, and Kevin bacon has all the time in the world to complete a mega bacon sandwich! (Creativity-Online) 


Featured Blog Post: PRNewser

link15Panera CEO Lives on $4.50 Daily Food Stamp Budget for Hunger Awareness Stunt


Last week, Panera founder Ron Shaich took on the $4.50-a-day “SNAP Challenge” promoted by hunger advocacy group, Feeding America and blogged about his experience. SNAP, Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, formerly called “food stamps”, offers low-income families this small amount of money for each individual to purchase food. The challenge was created to help individuals gain a better perspective of the hunger issues in the United States and to raise awareness on how difficult it is to avoid hunger, afford nutritious foods, and stay healthy on this budget.




link6PayPal’s Small Business Loans
Over the past few years, the rough economy has made it difficult for small businesses to apply for loans. PayPal wants to tap into this market and help those small businesses get on their feet. Starting Tuesday, PayPal began offering financing that they say is relatively cheap compared to other types of alternative financing. Dubbed PayPal Working Capital, this bank loan charges just a small fee and no periodic interest. PayPal will offer these loans to about 90,000 merchants until the end of this year. (Mashable)


link9Wonder Bread is Back!

After being removed from shelves about a year ago, one of the nation’s favorite bread brands -Wonder Bread – has returned. Flower Foods, the company that bought Wonder Bread from Hostess Brands, brought back the brand with its old-school logo intact. When Hostess announced that they were shutting down last year, customers were saddened by the news and made sure they stocked up on a supply of Hostess products, such as Twinkies. Flower Foods is looking to bring back Wonder Bread without tweaking the recipe. (CNN Money)