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Apps Help Shoppers Buy Instantly

What if you were reading a magazine on your e-reader and wanted to buy a product mentioned in an article? Well, very soon readers can. MasterCard has teamed up with publication power houses such as Conde Nast, Vogue, Vanity Fair and others to allow digital readers to buy items that they see in a magazine via ShopThis. Other retailers, such as the online grocer Peapod, have come up with a feature on their mobile app that restocks your products. Scan a product with your mobile phone before throwing it away and it adds it to the Peapod shopping cart. Technology is making shopping easier and a lot more instant with just the press of a button. (New York Times)




link7Coco’s Government Shutdown Monologue

The government has been shut down for over a week now due to the unresolved disagreement between the Democratic and Republican parties. There has been so much talk about it during the past week that even late night talk show host Conan O’Brien, aka Coco, has incorporated it into his monologue twice. Coco would, of course, find humor in this situation. (Social Times)


link7Taxi of Tomorrow

New York’s Supreme Court has ruled against Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plan to have all NYC taxis be the same make and model. Bloomberg’s idea for the "Taxi of Tomorrow" wasn’t well received because it didn’t offer such features as vehicles for accessible needs or a hybrid option for those concerned with the environment. (The Verge)




link4AAA Goes Pink

nullOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and across the nation many buildings and monuments are being lit up in pink lights to raise awareness. AAA wanted to join the collaboration with the American Cancer Society, so they painted their tow trucks pink. You can catch a glimpse of these trucks in 16 select American cities across the country. (ABC News)



link5Giant Floating Lotto Balls

When executing an advertising stunt in England, the River Thames is a very popular location. Last year, a giant rubber ducky floated down the river, but this year the National Lottery decided to float six giant lotto balls down the venerable waterway. It took a team of 30 people to inflate the colorful 26-foot-high balls, which used 2,000 watts of light each. (AdWeek) 


Featured Blog Post: Return on Reputation

link15Tesla CEO’s Transparency Rebounds Tanking Stocks


A crisis can often be extinguished with a quick and educational response. When the battery of a Tesla Motors vehicle caught on fire after hitting a metal object on the road the online video quickly went rival. This caused its stock to plummet but Tesla CEO Elon Musk quickly responded through a blog post, which thoroughly explained the incident and the facts, bringing to light the safety of the vehicle. MWW EVP Careen Winters explains how Musks’ post was a great way for the brand to bounce back from this crisis.




link6Instagram Brings in Ads
Back in 2012, when Facebook announced its purchase of Instagram, many users feared this day would come. Now Instagram has confirmed that users will begin to see ads on their feeds over the next couple of months. Could seeing these ads cause some negative feedback from users? (CNN Money)


link92013 YouTube Music Awards

YouTube announced that they will launch their first-ever music awards show on November 3rd. The show will be broadcast live online and has already booked performances by Lady Gaga and Eminem. Check out why this might change everything for broadcast TV. (FastCo.Labs)